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Jorje Croft

Ariel ascending from the water by Jorje Croft

Jorje Croft is an artist on Instagram, whose gained a large following for his detailed drawings of all things, Disney. Especially of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

His artistic style is very fluid, imaginative, and free-spirited. Every line has a rhythm and it flows like a symphony.

Jorje’s style is very distinctive and has a traditional animation quality to it. His free flowing lines and vibrant colors, are just a few things, that make Jorje’s work stand out.

Jorje Croft drawing of Ariel

Jorje’s drawings depict an array of scenes from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, even turning the most tragic moments into the most beautiful ones.

Jorje Croft drawing of Ariel rescuing Eric

If you haven’t checked out, Jorje Croft’s Instagram, I suggest you check it out. His little mermaid drawings are truly one of a kind and you’ll fall in love with his work, the same way, Ariel fell in love with Prince Eric!

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The most important thing for art creation is artiste’s personality, their artistry is coming from their soul, that’s why this young designer is always unique and special, he is also talented in other fields of art, such as opera performance, his singing skills are unusual too. I have listened to his voice and I’m sure, he’ll be known as the great baritone in the prospect.

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