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Briar Rose Winery

Briar Rose Winery is located in the picturesque  Temecula, California. Temecula Valley is the heart of Southern California  Wine Country, where there are immaculate wineries, that grow and produce Premium World Class Estate Wines. There are over 40 wineries in Temecula Valley, each with their own distinct blends and wine techniques. These wines are not widely distributed, so the only way to taste and savor the wines, is to visit the wineries themselves.

So, you might be asking yourself, what does Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) have to do with mermaids?

The answer is simple.

Briar Rose Winery was inspired by the classic Disney fairy tales, so it makes sense, that the blog would be invited for a special fairy tale themed wine tasting.

Briar Rose Winery, located in the beautiful wine county of Temecula, California.  Photo taken by Ciska Roos

The entrance to Briar Rose Winery is something out of a fairy tale with it’s fern arches, rose bushes, and adorable cats roaming the grounds. The rose garden is the center of the winery, with a statue of Cinderella in the center and Snow White’s Cottage as the backdrop.

Upon arrival, to the quaint estate, you’re greeted by the cheerful Briar Rose Winery staff,  who are as passionate about their wines, as they are their guests. The staff, lets you choose your table and encourages you to relax, enjoy the scenery, and savor the delicious Premium World Class Estate Wines.

Briar Rose Winery photo taken by Ciska Roos

The centerpieces for each table is either a wine bottle used as a vase or an Eiffel Towel vase. We brought our favorite Lolita Wine Glasses to celebrate the day’s festivities.

You’re given a menu of the three very different and distinct wine tasting offerings: Reds, Whites, and Mixed.

During the wine tasting experience, your server tells you the story behind every wine served from how it’s made and the key notes of the wine. The rain of the season that wine was harvested and so much more.

View of the vineyards from Briar Rose Winery, located in the beautiful wine country of Temecula, California. Photo taken by Ciska Roos

After an hour or so of tasting the delicious wines that Briar Rose Winery has to offer, you’re encouraged to explore the grounds. Briar Rose Winery is filled with wonderful nooks and crannies to take photos, including a large wooden swing near the entrance.

It’s very easy to spend hours at Briar Rose Winery. The staff go above and beyond to make sure you’re experience with them is something straight out of a fairy tale!

So, the next time you’re in Temecula, California, I highly recommend that you check out Briar Rose Winery! You’ll feel like a modern-day princess…or mermaid!

Disney's The Little Mermaid Pop Culture

Whozit & Whatsit Pins

Whozit & Whatsit Pins Logo

Have you been exploring the seven seas, looking for incredible fantasy pins to add to your collection?

If you have, Whozit & Whatsit Pins is the place for you.

Kelly has been passionate about Disney’s The Little Mermaid her entire life and like many fans, has a growing collection of all things Ariel. How she got into pin making was an unexpected blessing in disguise.

A Mother's Love LE 35 pin
A Mother’s Love pin LE 35

It was difficult for Kelly to buy the official Disney’s The Little Mermaid pins from the Disney Parks and online in Ireland and she didn’t want to pay outrageous prices for pins on sites like eBay or Etsy. So, she decided to do, what every loyal and devoted fan does:

Kelly started to make her own little mermaid fantasy pins and they are gorgeous!

Underwater Lovers pin

Whozit & Whatsit Pins has quickly gained a lot of popularity for the unique style of pins. About 90% of the pins created by Whozit & Whatsit Pins are of Ariel and of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Dance with Me (Eric and Ariel Jumbo pin)

Whozit & Whatsit Pins are known for their large pins and for capturing fan-favorite scenes of The Little Mermaid. The pins are full of exquisite details, that truly make them one of a kind.

Whozit & Whatsit Pins most ambitious pin to date, is a seven piece pin series, depicting Ariel’s journey in The Little Mermaid. Kelly was inspired by AndrewsGrotto sketch for the pin collection and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Tale of Land and Sea (pin set)

Whozit & Whatsit Pins are unique and defiantly worth collecting! A must for any fan of Ariel and The Little Mermaid.

Once you start collecting Whozit & Whatsit Pins, you’ll be wanting  a grotto full of them!

Disney's The Little Mermaid Pop Culture


Ariel brushing Andrew’s hair with a dinglehopper

AndrewsGrotto is a fabulous Instagram account, founded by Andrew Barry, an Ariel enthusiast from the United Kingdom.

Andrew’s love for The Little Mermaid started at a very young age, as he’s stated in his Instagram Live. His enthusiasm is contagious and sparks conversations amongst die-hard Ariel fans all across the globe.

Andrew holding the limited edition Ariel doll for the 30th anniversary of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

He joyfully shares his Disney Park adventures at the parks on his Instagram stories.

His latest adventure was at Disneyland Paris, where he explored the park and of course, met Ariel. He shared his numerous character interactions, exploring the fine and unique Disney dining, and discovering the new Disney Parks merchandise.

Andrew at the Disney Store UK, excited to be holding new Ariel merchandise
Andrew at the Disney Store UK, excited to be holding new Ariel merchandise

AndrewsGrotto is very proud of his collection of all things Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Much like Ariel and her grotto, Andrew’s collection is huge. His collection includes Limited Edition dolls, open-edition dolls, pins, movie collectables,  park merchandise, and so much more.

Andrew's favorite moments with Ariel at Disney Parks
Andrew’s favorite moments with Ariel at Disney Parks

AndrewsGrotto is a wonderful fan account on Instagram that deserves so much recognition for uniting The Little Mermaid fanbase. Be a part of Andrew’s journey, by following AndrewsGrotto on Instagram. You won’t shell-regret it.