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4Ocean Logo

4Ocean is a company that is dedicated to ocean cleanup and ending the plastic crisis. The company was founded by two surfers, who went on vacation to Bali and witnessed first-hand the effects of ocean pollution on our planet. They saw how plastic in our oceans, not only affected the marine life, but the local communities that needed the resources from the ocean for survival as well.

Every 4Ocean is made by hand out of recycled plastics

What the founders of 4Ocean decided to do was employ Captain’s and their crews to pull plastics and other man-made trash from the ocean, that would repurposed into eco-friendly products.

One thing that makes 4Ocean unique is that the ocean cleanups are funded by every 4Ocean purchase. Every purchase from 4Ocean pulls a pound of trash from our earth’s oceans and beaches.

Talk about an impact! A pound of trash is pulled from every purchase!

A stack of 4Ocean’s bracelets

4Ocean makes it their mission to inspire, educate, advocate, innovate, and recover our world’s ocean’s from trash and plastics. The sea is the biggest eco-system on our planet and it’s our job to protect it at all costs.

I advise everyone should check out 4Ocean‘s website and help spread awareness about this invaluable cause. The ocean’s are a resource and eco-system that we cannot afford to lose!

Together, we can save our ocean’s one pound of trash at a time.

Together, we can save the mermaids!