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Ashly Lovett

“Rescue” by Ashly Lovett

Ashly Lovett is an American artist, whose primary medium is chalk pastel. Her drawings are raw, dark, yet innocent.

In 2019, she launched a Kickstarter campaign, to produce her own version of Andersen’s classic tale of The Little Mermaid. Ashly’s twist on the project, was using her own sketches to depict the powerful and poignant scenes of the classic children’s fairy tale.

“New Legs” by Ashly Lovett

Ashly’s Kickstarter campaign was so well-received by the public, that it surpassed it’s goal, and earned $25k to fund her book.

"Ambition" by Ashly Lovett
“Ambition” by Ashly Lovett

Ashly released her book on her website and garnered immense success! Her book is definitely worth adding to your mermaid collection!

Myths and Legends

The Legend of Tiamat

Tiamat the Babylonian goddess of salt water and chaos

Babylon. Better known, as the cradle of civilization by historians, is also one of the early birthplaces of  mermaid’s.

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia

For the ancient Babylonians, Tiamat was the salt-water goddess of water and the personification of chaos. 

According to legend, Tiamat (salt-water goddess) and Aspu (freshwater god) had a sacred union, that  produced many other gods and goddess. 

During this time, the world was nothingness and dark. As Aspu and Tiamat slept, the other gods and goddesses, were busy creating the universe. Aspu awoke to the commotion and became enraged. The other gods, murdered Aspu, in an intense battle. 

When Tiamat woke up and was enraged, that the other gods and goddess, had killed her beloved husband. Out of anger, she spawned many monsters and dragons. 

One of the dragons, Marduk went to battle against Tiamat. He cut her in half, and the two rivers, flowed from her eyes, creating the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.  


Disney's The Little Mermaid Pop Culture


Whatdoyousuppse profile picture on Instagram

One of my favorite accounts on Instagram, is Whatdoyousuppose, founded by Logan in 2018.

Logan’s fans connected with him, for his raw honesty, love for all things Disney, and Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Logan has openly shared on Instagram, that his obsession with Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Ariel, started as a child.

Logan at the Walt Disney Studio’s, where he took a picture with Ariel’s handprints (Jodi Benson) on the Disney Legends wall.

Logan’s dream is to one day meet Jodi Benson (Original voice of Ariel).

Logan with animated Ariel at D23 in 2019 at the H2O Photo Booth
Logan with animated Ariel at D23 in 2019 at the H2O Photo Booth

Whatdoyousuppose is truly a unique, fun-loving fan account for Disney’s The Little Mermaid,  that I encourage all fans to follow.  You’ll have a fintastic time following Logan and his enthralling adventures of all things Ariel!